Pahladsingh Accountancy & Consultancy

About us

We are an accountancy and consultancy organisation that focuses on all clients and makes no distinction according to size or sector. We do, however, make a distinction between clients; we believe it is important that there is mutual trust. This means that sometimes we cannot or may not accept you as a client. Since we have an extensive network of accountants and tax specialists through Finovion If we have a wide range of products available, we can always provide you with a suitable solution.

We distinguish ourselves by our personal approach. Therefore, you will have an accountant as your contact person, who is always personally available.

We are happy to make agreements with you about the work to clarify mutual expectations. We do not send unexpected bills; all advice, questions and contact moments are included in our prices, provided they can be dealt with within 15 minutes. In addition, we are happy to make agreements with you in advance regarding more in-depth work that takes more time. This way, you will always have clarity in advance about our efforts and the costs involved.